african american santa claus pictures

If you are in the market for a new photo of Santa, why not get an African American one this holiday season? There are a variety of professional photos for sale, and parents will be happy to find that the black Santa is naturally bearded and ready to meet your kids. These pictures will add a touch of tradition and culture to the holiday season, and are sure to make everyone’s Christmas list.

The Santa character is the most popular image of Christmas, but did you know that he was originally an African American? This is a common misconception that many people have, and you might be wondering how African American Santa Claus pictures came to be so popular. This myth has been around for centuries, and African Americans have long been fascinated with Santa. Today, Coca-Cola and Walt Disney Television have even created Santa Claus products using African-American santas pictures.

While introducing a Black Santa at the Mall of America last year, many people were horrified by the reaction. In fact, one Black family in Arkansas received an anonymous letter demanding the Black Santa’s removal. In response, their neighbors put up Black Santas as well. In the Middle Ages, St. Nicholas was a non-white person, but the white-skinned Eurocentric image is a very outdated version. However, in recent years, many families of color have welcomed more diverse representations of Santa.

Another way to get African American Santa Claus pictures is to visit your local mall. You can check out some local businesses to get the most authentic and original ones. You can even hire a photographer to pose with Santa on your holiday card. Just be sure to ask for someone with a different race than the one you’re used to seeing! There are many ways to make a photo of Santa, but one of the most unique is by incorporating a photo of a Black Santa.