african mango tree pictures

African mango trees are very large, long-lived trees that are native to tropical Africa. They normally grow up to 40 meters high and are very beautiful. Their fruits, known as dika, are yellow and similar to a mango. Dika seeds are rich in fat and are used in cooking, bread, and butter. Dika wood is also used for building construction. Their bark is grey or yellow-grey in color.

African mango tree images are very popular among people who are interested in natural beauty. The fruit is a native of West Africa. It is also known as bush mango or dika nut, and is popular as a food in Nigeria and Cameroon. It is known for its high Vitamin C content, and has been used for centuries in alternative medicine. Here are a few pictures of the African mango tree. Read on to learn more about it and get inspired to plant one of your own!

African Mango Tree pictures


African mango tree images are a delightful way to celebrate the fruit’s health-promoting qualities. Native to Africa, the African mango is also known as the bush-mango and wild mango. The African-grown variety is prized for its high Vitamin C content and nut-like seed, which is often eaten. Traditionally, the leaves of the African mango tree are used as tea or consumed as a drink. The seeds are edible, and the wood is hard enough to be used for construction.