carson high yearbook pictures

Jesse C. Carson High School in Nevada has 19 yearbooks for the public to view and purchase. They can be accessed through an online database called The images in these yearbooks can be sorted by name, location, and school. Several years of Carson High Yearbook pictures can be found here. You can find the pictures you’re interested in by visiting To view the pictures from the yearbooks, you must register and log in.

The yearbook at Carson High School contains a variety of memorable backgrounds and a short story about the community. The Senior Class of 1957 took part in the project, which was done by student Allison Gill, a photography student who plans to study English at Portland State University. As senior editor of the Carneta yearbook, she has made a point to get her classmates to take their own photos. You can browse the yearbook by location and name, and you can even upload your own pictures.