funniest nfl pictures

You may have seen some of the funniest NFL pictures, but you can never tell which are the funniest! These photos are hilarious because they capture the spirit of the sport and make us laugh! The most popular NFL photos are those of the players, but we should all laugh along with them, too! Read on to discover which pictures make us laugh the most! Listed below are some of the most entertaining NFL images from the last few years.

One of the funniest NFL pictures of all time features a fan dressed up as a character from a film. This fan wore a Raiders jersey, complete with the team’s logo and mascot. Another funny picture features a fan dressed as a cowboy, although he may not have known the connection. Sadly, this cowboy did not bother shaving his goatee.

Fans often use paper bags and elaborate costumes to pose as players. One photo of a Green Bay Packers fan playing a joke on Aaron Rodgers is particularly hilarious. In a similar way, another funny picture features a young woman who appears to want to explore Aaron Rodgers’ nether regions. Despite being an unlikely candidate for sexual encounters, the two fans appear to be celebrating the victory. Andre Johnson is one of the Texans’ best receivers.

Football fans will appreciate the many hilarious pictures featuring players celebrating touchdowns. NFL players are notoriously rowdy and sometimes brash, but that does not mean they’re boring. In fact, many of the funniest NFL pictures show players celebrating their touchdowns in unusual ways. In one such instance, Antonio Brown, a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, appeared to be hugging the goal post, which makes it even funnier.

Another one of the funniest NFL pictures involved DeAndre Carter. In a recent game, the Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver landed on a Gatorade stand. In football, one of the best ways to win is to deprive your opponent of their electrolytes. This hilarious play happened during the game’s first half. And it was followed by a surprisingly close victory for the Seattle Seahawks.

Aside from a football picture of Rivers sneering at Jerry Jones after a preseason game, there’s also the infamous Philip Rivers sack. Thankfully, the sack doesn’t count for anything in the NFL, but Rivers obviously needed to rest. Luckily, he had Richard Seymour by his side, as they are good buddies and often meet at games.