funny pictures of tim tebow

If you love football, you’ve probably seen one or two funny pictures of Tim Tebow. The quarterback of the New York Giants does not lift weights, but he can run and throw the football as far as John Elway. The quarterback is one of the funniest people in sports, and these photos of Tim Tebow prove it. Here are a few of my favorites. All you need to do is click on them to laugh!

A series of photos taken on Monday from Tim Tebow’s workout in New York were shared by the MLB official account. One of them showed him at the top of his vertical jump. One Twitter user cut out the picture of Tebow and encouraged users to “photoshop” the quarterback into funny situations. The pictures soon flooded the Internet. Tim Tebow has become a meme for fans, and it seems he’s no different.

Tebow’s rookie moment went viral this week when he tried to block a Cleveland Brown during a running play. Not only did Tebow look like a quarterback, but he ran head-first into a teammate! NFL Twitter was not shy about calling Tebow out for his poor blocking, either. While the pass was caught by his teammate Tavon Austin, Tebow didn’t look like a natural tight end.

Tim Tebow hasn’t been the greatest quarterback for a long time, but his rookie season in the NFL is a success. In addition to being a great fit, he’s also a good runner. His running ability is impressive, but his blocking is still in need of improvement. If he wants to make the team, he must learn how to block at the line of scrimmage.

While it may seem tame, there’s a certain amount of irony in these photos. Tebow, for example, never wants to be compared to Archie Griffin. He also told the Heisman voters not to award him a second trophy. Lastly, Tim Tebow made his sister stop shaking at the thought of losing her virginity. You’ve probably seen a picture of this one, but no one will believe it.

In case you’re wondering what to do with these images, they are truly hilarious! Tebow is a very good player in the NFL, but his name is not a real name. It simply means that the NFL has given him a ringing endorsement from Red Bull. As an NFL player, this endorsement has been the key to his success, but that doesn’t mean he’s an easy target for opponents.