jungkook birthday picture

It was no surprise when the government of Pakistan removed a Jungkook fan billboard because it promoted homosexuality and had a negative influence on young people. According to Furqan Aziz Butt, an assembly candidate from Karachi, this decision has not gone down well with BTS fans. Many fans took to bus shelters in India to wish Jungkook a happy birthday. They even placed adverts in the singer’s name and have sponsored abandoned dogs.

The BTS members, including Jungkook, took to social media to wish their maknae. Jin posted a congratulatory picture and chose an adorable behind-the-scenes photo from the group’s Winter Package 2021. Other members like RM and Jimin shared selfies of Jungkook in tie-dye outfits and posted up close-and-personal shots of the visual duo.

While BTS fans from all over the world sent their birthday wishes to the singer, many in India even went out of their way to celebrate the star. The BTS Army in India rented billboards across the Mumbai metropolis to honor the boy singer. Fans threw birthday parties and gave gifts of all kinds for Jungkook, from animal adoptions to massive LED billboards. Regardless of the size of your birthday gift, it is likely to make a lasting impression on Jungkook and his fans.

While it is no secret that Jungkook is a part of the most popular kpop group, his earliest dreams were as a badminton player. However, he eventually decided to become a singer and debuted with BTS. He is known as the ‘GOLDEN MAKNAE’. With his talent and dedication, Jungkook has made his name one of the most recognizable stars in the music industry today.

His fans all over the world have celebrated Jungkook’s birthday in an array of ways. In Colombia, fans have celebrated the birthday with a BTS army banner in the Medellin metro station, while in San Salvador, the capital, LED screens are showing an ad dedicated to the star. A Chinese fan club has even organised an advertisement for the K-pop star, which has since become one of the most popular and expensive places in the world.

The K-pop star’s birthday was celebrated on Thursday, December 30 at midnight KST. Several members of the band posted birthday wishes on Instagram, including RM, Jimin, and J-Hope. The group’s official Instagram page was flooded with posts from Jungkook and his BTS members. Fans even bombarded the K-pop sensation’s official account. In December, 2021, all members of BTS made their accounts public.