living room picture stands

When deciding on the style of living room picture stands, keep in mind the size and shape of the space where the stand will be placed. Choose symmetrical or asymmetrical designs. Avoid clashing patterns, and opt for sparse decor for adjacent walls. Asymmetry can draw attention to an accent wall. To create a more interesting design scheme, group similar-colored pictures side by side. Also, consider using asymmetrical placement of pictures to create an interesting design choice.

Another common room to place a picture is the hallway. These areas often feature bare walls, or pictures with too many frames. Use a gallery wall with pictures of various sizes and shapes to fill the space. For small hallways, place a single or two small pictures in the spaces between the doorways. You can also place a large picture on a wall above the toilet. The wall behind the picture should be evenly spaced, symmetrical and not overly crowded.

If you have a white wall, opt for a 8×10 frame. Its thickness is only 0.75 inches, and it comes with an adjustable hanger. The eight-by-ten photo frame has a plastic cover and mounting provision. The 8×10 frame is ideal for a white wall because it will add a splash of color to the room without overpowering the space. Aside from that, you can also hang ornaments on the tree in the living room.

Once you’ve chosen a picture holder, you need to hang it. You’ll need nails and picture hooks. You can even use paper templates to help you out. A pencil and rubber are also useful to mark where the holes need to be in the frames. It is also helpful to use a spirit level when hanging the pictures. If you are unsure of where to hang them, it is best to hire a professional.

When it comes to choosing the right picture frames, choose the ones that serve a dual purpose. They can display personal pictures or act as decorative items. When arranging a group of different-sized frames, group similar-sized pictures in the same frame for a cleaner look. On the other hand, grouping several different-sized pictures in different-sized frames can create an eclectic or fun look. Choose a picture frame that compliments the rest of your interiors.

When placing your picture stands, consider the size and shape of your wall. A long couch can create an elongated look, and picture stands should break it up with a gallery wall above it. If you’re trying to create a gallery-like look, avoid hanging pictures above a sectional couch, as they will disrupt the visual line. Also, keep in mind that the couch will also define the available wall space above it. Sometimes, the couch may rest underneath a pair of large windows.