pictures of Pittsburgh Penguins Parade

Following the Penguins’ historic Stanley Cup victory, fans celebrated in style with a Pittsburgh Penguins parade. The city’s streets were packed, but the parade was far from rowdy. In fact, it was one of the hottest parades in recent memory, with temperatures reaching up to ninety degrees. The event also featured many young fans mingling with local heroes and catching a glimpse of their hero.

Pittsburgh Penguins Parade

On Sunday, the Penguins were celebrating their Stanley Cup victory in a parade through Pittsburgh. The streets were packed with Pittsburgh fans and the team’s fans. It was an emotional day for everyone, including the fans. The Pittsburgh Penguins made it all the way to the finals before the game, so fans were sure to celebrate the finals in the best way possible. The parade started early and was packed with a large number of Penguins supporters, including many fans from other cities.